Accelerating sustainable agriculture to feed and protect our planet.

Our vision

Sustainably feeding the world.

Our mission

To advance sustainable food production and farming systems that nourish the world population respecting the health of people, animals, and the planet.

Our method

To facilitate the adoption of sustainable agriculture using a collaborative and practical approach. We bridge the gap between science, technology and current agricultural practices to empower farmers and producers and deliver genuine impact and prosperity.

The DMSF was born through the Datamars company’s deep experience in, and respect for agricultural communities and the critical role they play in providing food security for our planet.

Datamars is proud to sponsor this independent, charitable Foundation to expand on its commitment.

In order to feed the planet in a sustainable waywe need greater uptake of practical solutions that solve real problems – solutions that positively impact food production at a global scale. Our clear focus and project selection is shaped by three foundational pillars:

Education &

Increase awareness,
understanding and on farm
adoption of new technologies and

  • Bridge gaps between farmers and education in the form of practical application
  • Share Best Practices/Methodologies
  • Be a resource for farming communities
  • Create a starter toolbox for smaller farmers
  • Assist with funding and incentives farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture

Collaboration &

Facilitate knowledge sharing,
problem solving and partnerships
across the value chain.

  • Create platform of resources
  • Provide forums for key stakeholders to meet and discuss identified barriers
  • Bring academia and policy owners together with agriculture and industry leaders to discuss overcoming barriers / incentive alignment
  • Generate roadmaps for different phases of development that apply to different communities.

Innovation to

Advance the scalability and
practical application of

  • Focus on practical implementation guidance
  • Assess scalability of available technology and facilitating implementation
  • Provide insights to developing technologies to avoid missteps. 

DMSF selects global projects without geographic restriction and in both proprietary and third-party projects aligned with the DMSF Mission including in: